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Exclusive Interview with Denise Waterman on Sands Radio


A Trip Down Memory Lane with a Pop Icon


A Pop Culture Icon Takes a Nodal Journey Down Memory lane.

Ready for a one-on-one Zoom call with Sands Radio, where Nigel Clarkson will go all out talking to the lovely lady who is part of Tight Fit, Denise Waterman. 


Denise talks about the band’s adventurous road trip. This session is special because Denise reveals some of the details that are worth remembering!


Firstly, Denise talks about their new songs. Secondly, Denise chats about the stories behind their music that have endured time.

Unwrapping Musical Nostalgia


Explore the history behind Tight Fit’s comeback with “Fallout”, a glimpse into this chapter of their music career. Denise’s musings about the band’s old hits that used to dominate the charts are sure to evoke fond memories and a sense of anticipation.

Personal Insights and Reflections


As the conversation softens, Denise opens up about her life and details such as her connection with Pete Waterman who is popularly known as the music giant and who has touched mega stars’ lives with his midas’ touch while listening to his words on Pop Idol. 


Unearth the man behind the myth, some of his exploits away from the recording studio and a special model railway exhibition about town currently being the talk-of-the -town.

The World in Miniature: Pete Waterman's Latest Exhibition


For a brief while, Nigel and Denise stop by to see what “making tracks” is all about, as they look at her ex Pete Waterman’s fascinating hobby. It is more than an exhibition; it is an enriching experience which demonstrates the elegance of the West Coast Main Line through a model, which itself is a masterpiece!

Tune In for More


Nigel Clarkson airs this touching interview as a brief insight into the lives of music royalty.. Catch more of these enlightening conversations by heading over to

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the highs and lows of a pop icon and the enduring charm of a music mogul's side passion. It's an interview you won't want to miss! Thank you for joining us Denise Waterman.

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