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The Blackpool Heritage Trams

Unravel Blackpool's Charm with the Heritage Trams

All aboard the Blackpool Heritage Trams, a trip down memory lane that's lasted over a century.


More than just a transport mode, there are illumination trams weaving through Blackpool's scenic promenade, capturing its essence and history. Check our Illumination times

Blackpool Heritage Trams
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Introduction to Blackpool Heritage Trams

Introduction to Blackpool Heritage Trams

Much like the signature piers and tantalizing seaside rock, the Heritage Trams have cemented their place in Blackpool's heart.


They remain a testament to the town's dedication to its heritage, with a loyal crew of volunteers ensuring each tram ride feels like stepping back in time.

Blackpool Transport 147

History of the Blackpool Heritage Trams

History of Blackpool Trams

Our tram story begins in 1885, initiated by the Blackpool Electric Tramway Company. What started at Cocker Street soon expanded to Fleetwood, creating memories for every passenger along the way.


In 1920, Blackpool Corporation took the reins, marking a significant milestone. Today, it's the last of the UK's first-generation tramways, rejuvenated in 2012 with the contemporary Flexcity Bombardier trams, ensuring both history and modernity coexist.

Blackpool Heritage Trams Balloon tram

Which Heritage Tram Tour Calls to You?

Heritage Tram Tours
  • Illuminations Tour: Experience Blackpool's radiant lights from the vantage point of the tram. Kick-off at Pleasure Beach, venture past the three renowned piers, and conclude as the illuminations end at Bispham.

  • Coastal Tour: A delightful 2-hour journey tracing Blackpool’s iconic Promenade, from the majestic Blackpool Tower to the quaint town of Fleetwood. Enjoy a 40-minute stop in Fleetwood—perfect for some fish & chips or a local brew.

  • Themed Tours: Yearning for something different? Dive into ghostly tales with the Ghost Tram Tour or soak in the evening ambience of Blackpool's Promenade.

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Blackpool Illuminated Trams

Meet the Tram Stars


The Heritage Tram Fleet showcases trams that have seen over a century of sunsets. While some retired early on, others continued until the 2011 Blackpool Tramway upgrade.


Each tram is meticulously preserved, echoing stories of yesteryears


Getting On Board


Considering a tram trip? Children under 3 ride free if they're cozy on your lap. But remember, these are heritage trams—expect a 12-16 inch step to hop on.


For bookings, pricing, and more, swing by the Blackpool Heritage Trams website.


Specials on the Track


Besides the regular tram joys, there are themed events to spice up your Blackpool visit.


Delve into the town's tales or immerse yourself in its vibrant history. And if you've got a celebration in mind, make it memorable by renting a Heritage Tram!

Booking a Heritage Tram
Blackpool Double Decker Tram

The Final Stop

Final Stop

Travelling on the Blackpool Heritage Trams is more than just a ride—it’s a passage through time, reminiscing Blackpool's glorious past.


Whether you're a local or a wanderlust-filled visitor, a Heritage Tram journey is an unparalleled Blackpool experience.


Don’t just hear about it—live it.

Blackpool open air boat tram

The Blackpool Heritage Trams provide a unique way to experience the history and culture of Blackpool, offering a journey back in time through the town's iconic seafront along Blackpool Beach and stopping at the ends of the Blackpool Piers.


Whether you're a local resident or a visitor to the area, a ride on a Heritage Tram is an experience not to be missed. So, come and embark on a journey through history with the Blackpool Heritage Trams.

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