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Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach, a popular holiday destination in the Lancashire region, boasts a unique blend of natural beauty, entertainment, and cultural history. This seaside resort, with its golden sands stretching for seven miles, offers a multitude of attractions and activities that charm visitors from all corners of the globe.

The Beach That Sparked a Resort


Blackpool Beach's allure is not a recent phenomenon. The beach has been a magnet for holidaymakers since the 1920s and 1930s. Back then, the golden sand was barely visible under the feet of throngs of beachgoers.


Even though the beach is less crowded today, the magic hasn't waned. The promenade, now tastefully modernised, adds to the overall appeal of the beach area.


A Spanish-style stepped walkway now gracefully meanders towards the beach, creating a picturesque scene that would make any Instagrammer's heart flutter.

Make Your Way to the Beach


Visitors must keep in mind that dogs are not allowed on the main beaches from the 1st of May through the 30th of September. Parking is available near the beach, though during peak seasons, it may require a short walk from the parking lot to the sandy shores

What Makes Blackpool Beach Stand Out?


What sets Blackpool Beach apart is not just its expansive stretch of golden sands, but also the assortment of attractions and activities around it. The seafront is adorned with three large piers, each housing a funfair, a range of amusements, and a variety of entertainment options. The iconic Blackpool Tower, standing tall at 500 feet, is a sight to behold.

Blackpool Beach

The Piers and the Blackpool Promenade


The main beach, nestled between the South and Central piers, is backed by a promenade. The trams that run along this strip become the heart of the Blackpool Illuminations at the end of every summer, adding a dose of sparkle to the seaside resort.


The Blackpool Tower


The Blackpool Tower, a symbol of the Lancashire region, offers a panoramic view of the beach and beyond. From the top of the tower, one may even spot dolphins frolicking in the sea (well on a really lucky day)


The Sea Defences


The sea defences at Blackpool Beach, man-made reef-like structures, are a haven for marine life. These structures not only protect the beach but also act as a living testament to Blackpool's commitment to marine conservation.

Things to Do at Blackpool Beach


Whether you're a fan of marine life or a thrill-seeker looking for an adrenaline rush, Blackpool Beach has something for everyone.


Explore Marine Life


The sea defences at Blackpool Beach are a great place to explore marine life. For a more immersive experience, download the Buck the Barnacle Tale Trail and to discover the seven wonders of Blackpool's seashore.


Funfair Rides and Entertainment


The funfairs at the piers offer a range of rides and amusements that promise to keep the whole family entertained. The North Pier is known for its comedy and musical acts, offering a delightful blend of laughter and melody.


Visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach


For a day of fun and frolic, head to the world-famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach near the beach on the South Shore Promenade. With a variety of rides and attractions, it's a hit among kids and adults alike.

Blackpool Beach Donkeys

Embrace the Traditions


Despite the modern amenities and attractions, Blackpool Beach has managed to preserve its traditional charm. Donkey rides and deckchairs still dot the beach, offering a nostalgic slice of the past.


The Sands and the Sea


The golden sands of Blackpool Beach are a sight to behold. They are well-maintained, especially in the central areas. While the water quality could be improved, the Marine Conservation Society is working towards this goal.

Blackpool Beach and Tower



Blackpool Beach, with its golden sands, diverse attractions, and rich cultural history, is a holiday destination that offers something for everyone.


Whether you're looking for a relaxing day at the beach, an adrenaline-pumping ride at the funfair, or take in some of the amusements along the prom, you'll find it all at this seaside resort in the Lancashire region. So come and experience the magic of Blackpool Beach for yourself!

Blackpool Beach history
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