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Blackpools three piers

Blackpool Piers

Blackpool Piers on the Fylde Coast offers you three very special and individual seaside piers. Everyone who comes to the town visits either one, or maybe two or even all three of the piers.

All three are different but all offer free entry and plenty to do for all ages with entertainment, excitement and fun for all the family. Nearby St Annes has one pier, and Blackpool has three!

The very youngest to the very oldest members of the family will all find something to do on the three Blackpool piers.

Each pier has its own unique style and atmosphere. North Pier is the oldest dating back to 1863 and is known as the Heritage Pier.

Central pier has family rides, stalls, cafe's and entertainment, while South is well know for where the adrenalin seekers push their limits.

All the piers cater bites to eat and bars to get a thurst quenching drink. There are amusement arcades on all three and plenty of seating areas for a break and and take a lunch or evening snack.

North pier is more suited for incredible shows, Central pier for its impressive Big Wheel from where you can see the whole of Blackpool along the Golden Mile. South is for the thrill seekers.

North Pier

Blackpool Piers North Pier

The oldest of the three Blackpool Piers, take a stroll or as the victorians would say, a spot of ‘promenading’, in the 1800's. Marvel at the views, as you walk to the end of the pier for the latest high spec show, there are plenty to see. 

The North Pier is home to the Joe Longthorne Theatre and Museum, named after one of its home grown stars – the theatre has an amazing array of shows throughout the year.

We enjoy it for a summer-time walk to the end of the pier and back through the amusement arcade to try our luck!

If you love nature at its best, North Pier is also well known for its winter-time starling murmurations, which are a sight to see from the very end of the pier as the sunsets over the Isle of Man.

Central Pier

Blackpool Piers Central Pier

The second oldest pier in Blackpool is the Central Pier, and the home of the huge Big Wheel. Stunning views 360 degrees, watch the Blackpool trams pass along the promenade, plan your move along the golden sands, and take in the delights of the illuminations.

One of the busiest Piers in Blackpool in the summer season, Central is situated between the Blackpool Tower and Manchester Square.

Take the family along to the Pirates Bar, enjoy some free entertainment, and feel the Blackpool atmosphere at its finest, Central Pier is a must when in Blackpool.

South Pier

Blackpool Piers South Pier

The youngest pier of the three to be built in Blackpool is the shorter South Pier. Step through the Arcade as you enter, and make you way to the fun of the fair and the thrill of the skies.

It’s the home to the adrenalin rides if you want to liven up your stay or visit, or maybe watch someone else take a leap of excitment. Maybe you would rather be taking a drink or two in The Gin House, recommended ;-)

Adrenalin Ride at South Pier - sounds like fun!

The owners of Blackpool South Pier, have recently submitted plans (July 2022) for a new, 131ft high ride. If you have visited Christmas by the sea and seen the Star Flyer ride, well the new ride is a similar slightly smaller version, but just as thrilling.

Look out for it, I don't think it will be hard to spot. It is pretty unique and is held by bolts at the base. Planned to be situated wher the old bungie Sky Ball Screamer ride was based before it was sold on.

Nearby to South Pier is a go-cart track and Sandcastle Waterpark plus the Grosvenor Casino


The Blackpool Piers have each got something unique from each other. It is hard to pick a favourite as they are all so different. You will have to make your own mind up and visit them all. Also if you love your piers, make sure you go just down the coast to see St. Annes Pier.

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