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Blackpool Zoo

A Journey through Wildlife and History

Tiger at Blackpool zoo

Blackpool Zoo, an English sanctuary for diverse wildlife, marked its golden jubilee in 2022.


The zoo first opened its gates to the public on July 6, 1972, with a grand opening ceremony featuring TV's Animal Magic star, Johnny Morris, who rode in on an elephant.


The Mayor joined him, albeit in a more conventional vehicle, a Rolls Royce.



Blackpool Zoo began its journey with a collection of exotic animals, including two Asian elephants, three white rhinos, two giraffes, sea lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, lions, and numerous other species.


Still residing at the zoo today are Asian elephant Kate and the giant tortoise Darwin.

Distinct Features of Blackpool Zoo


What sets Blackpool Zoo apart from other wildlife parks is its emphasis on creating close encounters with animals, offering excellent amenities for differently-abled visitors, and maintaining a cheerful, welcoming staff committed to making your visit entertaining.


The zoo also takes pride in being a family-friendly attraction where everyone can enjoy together.

Blackpool Zoo is known for housing the only gorillas in the northwest and one of the best sea lion exhibits in the UK. Add those to the Project Elephant Base Camp, and you get an irresistible package within the 37-acre traditional English parkland that forms the zoo.

Features at the zoo
Blackpool zoo

Blackpool Zoo's Diverse Animal Kingdom


Home to over 1000 animals, Blackpool Zoo hosts a wide array of creatures, from commonly known species to lesser-known ones, ranging from aardvarks to zebras and cockroaches to camels.

Elephant Herd


Blackpool Zoo's elderly elephant Kate was joined by four more females, namely Minbu, Noorjahan, Tara, and Esha, from Twycross Zoo in 2018.


A bull elephant named Emmett joined the herd in 2019 from Whipsnade Zoo. They all reside in Project Elephant Base Camp, a state-of-the-art elephant house with the UK's largest indoor facility and vast paddocks with a pool.

Blackpool zoo Bornean orangutans



A group of enchanting Bornean orangutans also call Blackpool Zoo home. Visitors are often thrilled to meet orangutans Ramon, Cherie, Summer, and Jingga.



Blackpool Zoo houses the only gorillas in the northwest. The family of Western lowland gorillas includes a silverback named Bukavu, mothers Miliki and Njema, and young gorillas, Meisie, Moanda, and Makari.



Penguins have always been zoo-goers' favorites. The penguin enclosure provides ample space for these adorable birds to walk, swim, and enjoy feeding time. Visitors can even observe them underwater.

Blackpool zoo giraffe



Giraffes, the tallest mammals on Earth, are known for their calm and elegance. Visitors can hand-feed these iconic African mammals during school holidays (additional charges apply).

Sea Lions


Californian sea lions are everyone's favorite at Blackpool Zoo. Known for their sleek, black bodies and agility, they put up displays that showcase their unique traits.

More to Explore


Blackpool Zoo offers more than the usual favorites. Can you resist the charm of ambling aardvarks or active anteaters? Start early to explore the zoo's many offerings!

Blackpool zoo

Planning Your Visit


For a full day out at Blackpool Zoo, food and drink are essential. The Lake View Cafe serves healthy meals, salads, and snacks. Burgers, pizzas, and hot dogs are available at the BBQ kiosk.

In 2022, the Lake View Cafe welcomed Subway sandwich shop, marking the first-ever Subway at a UK Zoo. Elsewhere within the zoo, the Coffee Shop serves Starbucks coffee, and Nawala Street Food offers Asian cuisine. During summer, various ice cream kiosks open around the zoo.

Before leaving, don't forget to visit the gift shop. It offers a selection of cuddly toys, books, models, and souvenirs to remember your day at the zoo.

For more updates, news, and special offers, check out the zoo's social media channels.

Planning your visit
Blackpool zoo penguins pool

Blackpool Zoo Opening Times

Blackpool Zoo welcomes visitors throughout the year, except on Christmas Day. The last admission is 45 minutes before closing.

Main Season


From April 1, 2023, to November 6, 2023, the zoo opens at 10:00 and closes at 17:45 every day, including bank holidays.

November & December


From November 7, 2023, to December 31, 2023, the zoo's opening hours change to 10:00-15:45 daily, including bank holidays.



From January 1, 2024, to March 31, 2024, the zoo will open at 10:00 and close at 16:45 daily, including bank holidays.

Opening Times
Blackpool zoo camels

Blackpool Zoo Ticket Pricing

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket £21.50

Child Ticket £16.99

Concession £19.50

2 Adults & 2 Children £68.99

2 Adults, 3 Children £84.50

Smart Day Adult Price (online only) £15.99

Student £19.50

Ticket Definitions


Adult tickets apply to individuals aged 16-59 years, while senior tickets are for those aged 60 years and above. Students need to show valid student ID.


Child tickets apply to children aged 3-15 years, who must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Family tickets are available for a maximum of two adults. Official Carers can accompany paying visitors with disabilities (proof of disability required). Children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge (no ticket required).

Tickets purchased online are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances, and due to Covid Isolation, upon emailing full details, including the ticket order number, any proof, and a new date to

Please complete the payment before 11 pm to receive that day's advance discount. For full terms, please click here.

Blackpool zoo Giant tortoise

A Glimpse of the Animals at Blackpool Zoo


Blackpool Zoo houses over 400 species of animals. Some of the key highlights include:

Active Oceans

The zoo's sea lion pool, the largest in the UK, underwent a refurbishment in 2010. It now includes a 300-seat viewing area with wide glass windows for spectators to observe the keepers interacting with the animals.


Active Oceans also host the penguin pool, where visitors can watch the underwater antics of these flightless birds.

Gorilla Mountain


Located in the center of the zoo, Gorilla Mountain is home to several western lowland gorillas. In May 2010, Meisie became the first-ever gorilla born at Blackpool Zoo. The Bornean orangutans also reside close by.

Elephant, Reptile, and Bug House


The zoo's Asian Elephants are found near the main entrance. Each elephant consumes 200 kg of food each day, which is collected by a local farmer to be used as fertilizer.


The house also hosts a collection of exotic reptiles and insects, including giant cockroaches, tarantulas, iguanas, rattlesnakes, and stick insects.



This walk-through enclosure is home to South American animals and birds, including several species of monkeys that are free to interact with visitors.

Big Cats


The zoo's African lions reside in an enclosure at the south-eastern corner of the park, providing excellent views through glass windows. A visit at feeding time is a must for every visitor's itinerary.

Children's Farm


The new Children's Farm houses a variety of animals in a large barn and outdoor paddocks. Children can interact closely with donkeys, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and other farmyard animals.

Giraffe Heights


A raised viewing platform offers visitors a unique perspective of these tall animals.

Lemur Wood


Playful lemurs interact freely with visitors along the wooden walkway in this open area.

More Animals
Blackpool Zoo Penguins

Facilities at Blackpool Zoo


Other facilities at the zoo include a restaurant, coffee shop, gift and souvenir shop, large indoor children's play area, and nursery.


A train travels around the zoo's western perimeter, offering good views of several animal enclosures.

Feeding Times


The zoo offers daily talks and feeding times throughout the day, roughly every half hour, providing visitors the chance to get close-up views of the lions, apes, sea lions, giraffes, and other animals.


Check the official website for a detailed timetable of feeding times.

Blackpool zoo train

Location and Directions to Blackpool Zoo


Blackpool Zoo enjoys a serene out-of-town location just east of Stanley Park. To reach it by car, exit the M6 motorway at Junction 32 and follow the M55 until it ends at Blackpool.


The zoo is well-signposted from here. For satellite navigation, use the postcode FY3 8PP. Car parking costs £3.00 per car per day.

For bus travel, catch bus number 20 from Market Street (close to Blackpool Tower). The journey takes just over 15 minutes.


As you venture into the captivating world of Blackpool Zoo, expect to be enchanted by the diverse wildlife, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere.


Whether you're an animal enthusiast, a history buff, or a family looking for a wholesome day out, this zoo offers an immersive experience that blends education and entertainment seamlessly.


So, plan your visit today and create some unforgettable memories at Blackpool Zoo!

Directions to the zoo
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